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We carry out studies in the field of Internationa...

Company: FocusonExport Dış Ticare...
Şirket Personelleri Evden Eve Nakliyat İşlemi

Çalışanlarınızın Görev Değişikliği Sebebiyle Evde...

Company: MY Nakliyat
Dental Toursim

I send you my patients to have the services that...

Company: MedicaDent Blekovic


Sunflower Oil

We demand sunflower oil. There will be a bulk purchase, we request you to give a price quote accord...

Company: Seif-aldin Al Samouri
Chenille Yarn

We have a demand for Nm 4.5 / 1 polyester dyed chenille yarn. We ask you to send a price offer.

Company: Prevent Fabrics
Grated Coconut

We have a demand for shredded coconut. We kindly ask the relevant companies to send a price list.

Company: Sjaratullah Aidara
DKP Sheet

We are looking for a sheet metal supplier. We kindly ask you to send a price quote according to the...

Company: Владимир Ражнов